Allison Augustyn is an award-winning writer and editor from a tiny town in northern Wisconsin. She wrote stories as a kid and built a nonfiction career as an adult. She now lives in rainy Seattle, and works with an excellent group of professional writers from many different fields. They write indoors nine months out of the year, and compliment each other on their pale, hydrated skin. 

Allison recently completed her YA novel OVERBOARD, a dark comedy about sex, depression, and cruise ships. She was a 2016 #PitchWars mentee with this manuscript, and has remained active in the community, working with Rachel Lynn Solomon and Kit Frick into 2017. Other recent fiction has been published in The Master’s Review, Whole Terrain, and Doll Hospital, a YA journal about mental health.

She was a rock music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times and Seattle Times, contributed to the book Kill Your Idols (Barricade Books 2004), and has been a guest speaker on NPR’s Sound Opinions for her thoughts on Wilco (some good, some bad). 

She is also the co-author of the First Place PROSE award-winning Gems and Gemstones (University of Chicago 2009), and opened five award-winning exhibits as a media writer at The Field Museum of Natural History. 

Allison volunteers as a board member at the literary center Richard Hugo House, is a member of SCBWI, and spends too much time on Twitter.