Apocalypse Microfiction with Nancy Kress

Here is a piece I published with The Masters Review, a cool journal out of Portland. I, of course, think they are excellent editors because they published this microfiction (short-short) story I submitted:

Read “Eggland” here.

I’m most pleased with this piece for three reasons: (1) the topic was “The End of the World,” which is something that is often on my mind in the best and worst of ways (zombies = yay, global warming = boo), (2) it came to me as more of a poem than direct fiction, which was new and exciting, and (3) it was featured alongside Nancy Kress, a wonderful Hugo and Nebula award winning writer. I had the chance to take a class from her through Clarion West in January 2015, and little did I know that I would cross literary paths with her again six months later on the page. It was a huge honor for me, and inspired me to keep pushing with my novel. I hope you enjoy the piece.