Doll Hospital

There’s this great new journal in the UK called “Doll Hospital” that prints stories and art about mental illness. Fans of Rookie magazine and Tavi Gevinson take note, because they both follow “Doll Hospital.” The founder and editor, Bethany Rose Lamont, is kind of my hero. She writes openly and honestly about mental illness and her own struggles, and doesn’t pull punches. It’s taken a long time for me to admit my own struggles with depression, and I am inspired to see young women not only sharing, but creating outlets for everyone to share.

“Doll Hospital is an art and literature journal on mental health. It will be a print journal. We believe print is the best medium for this project — a refuge from toxic comment sections and constant link skipping. Something tangible to slip in your book bag and read on the bus. Something still, something quiet, something just for you.”

I can’t wait to see the hard copy for Issue 2. I have an essay in the upcoming issue, due out August 2015. It was hard to write, but in other ways, not at all hard. Even in the last 5-10 years, since I’ve identified and begun to accept my own depression, the way we talk about mental illness has changed significantly, improving. I’m proud that I can help contribute to that change, instead of hiding behind my emotions with shame, like I used to.

“We are a doll hospital. We explore notions of growth, trauma, chronic illness and childhood, and identify how this lives in conversation with mental health.”

The world is changing. Check out the people changing it!


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