Hunted, Haunted, Hungry (Recipe for Finishing)

I’m working through Draft 5, post-reader feedback. Feedback is encouraging. I also have a lot of work before I send this to the very nice agent who is waiting to read it in two weeks. Deadline = “hunted.” I feel like I’m two stumbling feet ahead of a razor-sharp deadline in a hunters cap with fur ear flaps, waiting to cut me down as soon as I stop moving.

Writing is magical!

Haunting happens as I untangle the threads of storylines I may not have completed, details I may have missed, scenes that need bumping up, scenes that need replacing, etc. Haunted by the ghosts of good ideas that never came to fruition, and bad ideas that somehow became an integral part of the story. BOO!!!!! Scared myself just thinking about all the work ahead.

Lastly, I’m hungry because I still have a body I keep forgetting about. But I’m only hungry at the weirdest hours. I forget to eat, and then am ravenous at 3am for, like, steak and yogurt and gummy bears. Brain food…? Here’s a recipe for eating through the days of revision, a “can’t-fail” list for success!


  • Coffee, with a dash of “no thanks, nothing else for me” at the coffee shop.
  • More coffee an hour later, with a heavy side of “Yes, I’m back, and yes, I’ll take all the muffins you have. ALL OF THEM.”


  • Look at a limp salad you made last night at home, and eat another muffin.
  • If still hungry, frantically make oatmeal you found in a drawer to hold you over to dinner.


  • Limp salad from lunch, with more dressing. Don’t look at it while you’re eating it, it’s been in the sun all day.
  • Random stale popcorn found in plastic baggie in snack drawer.
  • Apple from fruit bowl, only thing left in fruit bowl.
  • A multivitamin for “health.”