Why #PimpMyBio (when the writing is done)

Hey Writer Friends, as mentioned in the earlier post, #PitchWars is open this year from August 3-6 on Twitter.

If you’re planning on pitching a complete manuscript, one way you can boost visibility (and community) is to (1) write a blog post about yourself and (2) link to it on Twitter with the tag #PimpMyBio. But note, you need to visit Lana’s Blog Hop page first before you run to Twitter. See more, below.*

Here are reasons to #PimpMyBio:

  1. It’s a good exercise to talk about yourself as a writer, to pitch yourself, and focus how you talk about your manuscript.
  2. There are a lot of writers submitting to #PitchWars (I was #158), and you can read other bios and get to know people. Build your community! Learn from your peers!
  3. You may snag a few advance peeks from the #PitchWars mentors, so that when you pitch on Twitter August 3-6, they may already be aware of who you are. (Cue Beach Boys: “Wouldn’t it be niiiiiiiiice…”)

#PimpMyBio is not a necessary thing to do, and if you’re not done with your manuscript, you should put the work into writing first! It’s all about the writing! But if you find you need a break from line edits and obsessing over character details, this is a fun way to think outside the story and meet some folks. #HaveFun

*All instructions and the way to submit your blog is on writer and marketer Lana Pattinson’s Blog Hop Page (thanks Lana for hosting!).