Writing is more important than ever. We must understand and act.

The country is divided, hearts are broken and celebrating, and I am in Washington State, trying to understand our nation and people.

It is completely baffling. I echo Paul Krugman’s legitimizing a “moment of despair.”

I’m tempted to pull my queries, scheduled to go out for the 12am EST #Pitchwars deadline, because it seems disrespectful to move ahead with the competition. There are so many important things happening. People need their hearts and minds, their energy, to consider how to move forward. It is an individual decision. It is a decision that affects everyone.

And yet, “moving forward” is what sticks with me. Free speech and open representation are more important than ever. We need to understand one another, and then address the divide with action, whether that is with writing or activism. For me, it will be both, I can feel it. How much action remains to be seen, once I better understand what just happened. But it’s coming, a wake-up call. I want to use my privilege more actively than I have to support those who come from a more vulnerable place, even if they voted differently from me. People are terrified. We need to address that fear directly, and not be afraid to look at this head-on. Not be afraid to speak and take action the coming days, years.

I will continue to strive to write about things that matter. I will try to do more, and better. I’m here, we’re all here. We can do this. If I can help you, let me know.